West Alameda Heights   Sanitation Service, Inc.


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Contact us at:

       Address: P.O. Box 7496 Golden, CO 80403

SEWER LOCATE -  Call us at 303-232-2577 for a main line sewer

                        locate.  Please note, we do not locate private lines.


               In the event of a sewer emergency, contact us at

          303-232-2577.  We will verify the main line in front of your

          home is clear.

          To help prevent sewer backups, do not plant trees over or

          near a sewer line.   

          Do not pour grease or fat down the drain. Do not flush solid

          objects, hair or clothing.

          Be cautious about plumbers recommending

          removal/replacement of their entire sanitary sewer service

          based on their efforts to open a blocked line.  Replacement of a

          sewer service line can cost thousands of dollars.  In some

          cases, a full remove/replace may be necessary, however, we 

          recommend prior to agreeing to any construction

          work you consider obtaining a second opinion and/or video your

          line to verify the necessity of the replacement.  A few hundred

          dollars of diligence may save thousands. If video is undertaken,

          observe the monitor as the line is being televised to

          assure the final video footage is your line, and make sure to

          receive a copy of the video for your records. 

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